pretty boy front man (monticora) wrote in entrancedicons,
pretty boy front man

Icon dump - kind of.

Tags: bones, jensen ackles, kane
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These are so cool! I love all the Chris/Kane ones (especially #39 - the colouring is brilliant!), and Bones, yay! I so need to watch the last two episodes (I'm way behind on my TV watching). Anyway, awesome job as usual!
Thanks so much my friend!!
8 is cute, 31 - tres cool :D oooh CK, ignipes converted me into liking Kane o.O The House Rules is pretty awesome
Hey, KANE fans rock. Seriously! :)
can't argue with that
I truly love your cropping and your coloring is awesome! :x:x:x:x
Thanks so much! I am going to be starting a QAF batch this week so I hope they come out alright. *crosses fingers*
Lovely icons! I've snagged numbers 37, 39 & 47 - will credit :)
Thank you! Enjoy. :)
excellent bones icons *g* what font did you use on 1 and 6?

Thank you. The font on 1 is called 'Cooper' and the font on 6 is 'Cheryl'
These are brilliant, I'll be back later to snag the Kane ones.
Thanks my friend.
Saved no.21, will credit. Thanks!
Awesome icons! Love the Jensen ones and taking a bunch of them! Will credit, thanks! :)
16,17,18... snagged and will credit
Taking 43, 39. Thank you so much. I needed more Chris icons.
Yummy, yummy half-naked Lindsay (Christian Kane...I took the tattoo one, if you couldn't tell).
Snagging 26, 39 & 43. Will credit when used.
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