pretty boy front man (monticora) wrote in entrancedicons,
pretty boy front man

Icon dump - kind of.

Tags: bones, jensen ackles, kane
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Oh, 4 and 15 too, lol. Snagging if you don't mind! I'm an idiot and don't know how to credit but is it alright if when I upload if I just type in entrancedicons for the keyword? ...I need to figure this whole LJ thing out... :P
Enjoy them, that is the only main thing here. :)
But for crediting where it says keywords you can put whatever you want like a description of the icon kind of and you can credit me in the "comment" spot just type in entrancedicons or monticora and you are all set. :)
Hope that helps and enjoy. If you have any questions let me know.


11 years ago

I snagged a few. I really love #12 and how you have the picture in picture, black/white and color.

Great job!
Glad you like them! Although it probably isn't helping with your maximum userpics. 12 was a bit of a gamble, I really like that style so I thought I would try it out, if I must say so it came out pretty good. Thank you! and enjoy my friend. :)
Awesome icons! Snagging #1 and 8.
Thank you so much! Enjoy. :)
snagged 27. *loves*
Very awesome batch of icons! Took #8 and #25. Will credit. :)
Glad that you like them! Enjoy my friend. :)
mmmmmm 41. mmmmmmmmmmmmm 44. :D lovely icons hun, as usual! :)
Thanks ever so much!!
I took a bunch! Will credit, thank you!
Enjoy! :)
fantastic, as usual. =)

you wouldn't be interested in joining good_bonesicons, would you? It'd be fantastic to have you there.
Thank you!
And I would be more than honored to join good_bonesicons I will go check it out now. :)

Deleted comment

Deleted comment


11 years ago

Snagged 24, I credited, awesome as always Cael. Thank you!
Enjoy. And thanks my friend! :)


11 years ago

These are so cool! I love all the Chris/Kane ones (especially #39 - the colouring is brilliant!), and Bones, yay! I so need to watch the last two episodes (I'm way behind on my TV watching). Anyway, awesome job as usual!
Thanks so much my friend!!
8 is cute, 31 - tres cool :D oooh CK, ignipes converted me into liking Kane o.O The House Rules is pretty awesome
Hey, KANE fans rock. Seriously! :)


11 years ago

I truly love your cropping and your coloring is awesome! :x:x:x:x
Thanks so much! I am going to be starting a QAF batch this week so I hope they come out alright. *crosses fingers*
Lovely icons! I've snagged numbers 37, 39 & 47 - will credit :)
Thank you! Enjoy. :)
excellent bones icons *g* what font did you use on 1 and 6?

Thank you. The font on 1 is called 'Cooper' and the font on 6 is 'Cheryl'
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